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The 11th Annual Costume Contest for my dog, Sofia

Posted by on October 25, 2012


Each year we hold a contest for my dog, Sofia, where it’s guaranteed she’ll win every time. It all started eleven years ago when we came across a number of Halloween costumes that we liked and we couldn’t decide which one we liked best. So we turned to our friends and asked for help. Since Sofia has four paws, it made sense to offer four choices.

It was always surprising to see how passionate and hilariously opinionated people became over what our dog would wear on Halloween night but we all enjoyed hearing everyone’s responses. Besides, it gave us a good excuse to reconnect with all of our friends. Eventually it became a little like our pre-Christmas card. And if we flaked out on Christmas, generally we were forgiven.

Most years we create two new looks for Sofia and for the other two we repeat two from the previous year, the 2nd and 3rd ranked costumes. Generally we retire the costume with the least amount of votes. This year we decided to pay homage to those retired looks that nobody seemed to like. Yes, it’s a little jab at our election year since the theme of this year is “The Lesser of Four Evils.” Also, it’s good to give those rejected costumes another go before they’re sent to the Isle of Misfit Costumes.

I invite you to leave a comment below and cast your vote. You have until October 30th when the results are tabulated. On Halloween I’ll post the winner.

Here’s a look back at last year’s winner.

Whoops! I think we meant 2011 and not 2001. Always a rush getting the winning photo out.

6 Responses to The 11th Annual Costume Contest for my dog, Sofia

  1. Shannon Shea

    She is always so cute and adorable! And you are right, she always wins!

  2. Tracy Shea

    It’s always an interesting race. This year there is a clear front runner but anything can happen in a week.

  3. mark mccracken

    I never received an official ballot. But the banana split is mine. Nothing like three scoops of dog with my favorite toppings! Mmmmmm!

  4. Tracy Shea

    Thanks for your vote Mark. It shows you have good taste.

  5. Stepanie Kristan

    The 11th Annual Costume Contest for my dog, Sofia | Planet Tracy is a nice posting. I will take more time exploring this issue.

    • Tracy Shea

      Thanks Stephanie. Since I love my dog, Sofia, you may see more of her.

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