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The Miracle of the Bunny Sweat Stain

Posted by on November 3, 2012


Jumping Bunnies! it’s a sweat stain!


I’m not sure if I’m a person that believes in miracles but sometimes things happen that make me consider the possibility of signs coming from some unknown sources. Now how does one determine if you are actually receiving a sign? It’s not always a clear cut case and a lot of it depends on whether or not you’re up to the task. In my case, I’m usually open to the experience and take great pleasure in trying to understand the more magical elements of life. Some may say I’m an escapist. I prefer to think that I’m quite the opposite. But I guess that’s exactly what an escapist would say.

Maybe I can offer you a case study and explain a bit of my process. After a nice long work out on the elliptical, I peeled off my t-shirt so that I could hang it to dry before stuffing it in the dirty clothes hamper. ( I know, it’s one of the few anal tendencies I have. Let me enjoy it.) As I held up my t-shirt to the light I noticed the image of a hopping bunny made from my own sweat. And it got me thinking.

Thinking can be a dangerous thing. I’m pretty good at it. You start asking one question and then it lead to another and another and so on and so on. That my body would produce a rabbit sweat stain made me start asking myself various things. Is this my animal guide? What is the significance of the rabbit to me and what is the message that the rabbit brings, if any? I immediately photographed my evidence and displayed it for my Facebook community and while many people “liked” it and were amazed, no one provided the answer I was looking for.

Rabbits have always featured prominently in my life. I thought by delving into some of my own history of rabbits and my connection to them, I  might discover the message meant for me. I had raised rabbits as a child with my family. At the very height of the rabbit raising phase we had over 50 rabbits. We had various breeds of rabbits. However, as a child I saw them in three categories:

  • There were the Giant Chinchilla Rabbits, specifically for show.
  • There were the pets that were designated for love.
  • And lastly, there were those designated for eating. We referred to these unfortunate ones as four-legged chickens. It makes them easier to swallow.

When you raise a lot of rabbits there is one thing that you can count on having. Yes, more rabbits is one them but the other is poop. I thought it was particularly clever of my Dad to start a worm farm beneath the cages of the rabbits. These lucky worms could writhe around in rabbit poop all day and breed and do whatever worms like to do. In return, they aerated the manure for us, making for very happy plants in our gardens. We could then offer vegetables to the rabbits, who would in some cases then feed us. It was a win-win situation for all. How circle of life is that?

In deep shit

All of this may be very interesting but it does nothing to explain why the image of a rabbit would be imprinted on my shirt in sweat. Like any curious person, the next thing I did was turn to Wikipedia. According to them, rabbits are featured prominently in all sorts of folklore in various cultures. They are often seem as the tricksters or as a symbols of fertility. Carrying a rabbit’s foot is believed to bring good luck. In some Asian mythology, rabbits live on the moon where they make sticky rice.

As a girl, I read Watership Down by Richard Adams about a group of rabbits fleeing the imminent destruction of their burrow to the next home foreseen by a gifted visionary rabbit. Not the best message for me to fixate on. My sweat rabbit was clearly running from and/or to something. While I’m at it why not go into the rabbit nightmare scenario presented in the film, The Night of the Lepus, about mutant giant rabbits on a killing spree.

Mutant Killer Rabbits!

I don’t think I ever came to a decent conclusion about the meaning of the bunny sweat on my shirt. Perhaps it was just another instance of something that got me thinking about things. If rabbits are considered symbols of fertility, perhaps the rabbit miracle was just the thing to get my brain fertile and start asking myself some good questions. Or maybe they just provided enough manure to fertilize my blog.

One Response to The Miracle of the Bunny Sweat Stain

  1. Tracy Shea

    Thanks Tanya. I try to help others who experience similar things.

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