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Shameless Indiscretions

Posted by on February 8, 2013

My Abandoned Readers


While I’d like to believe that you are all sitting around just waiting for the next blog entry on Planet Tracy, a small quiet voice inside reminds me that once a blog is out of sight, it may very well be out of mind. Yet for all the faithful and curious readers that check in from time-to-time I have a confession to make. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

I started an Etsy Page


At first it was just something I flirted with, a fling. I told myself it was a chance to post art prints my husband wanted to sell. Yes, I hid behind that excuse in order to fulfill something in myself that had been lacking in my life.  It didn’t really mean anything. That’s what I told myself, at least. It wasn’t you. It was me. What was I lacking you might wonder? Oh, probably the thrill of selling handmade items. It was the thrill of the post, the thrill of conquer and sell. I had it completely under control.

Shannon Shea’s homage to The Land of the Lost

But before I knew it, there I was sneaking around on the internet, looking to see how many views my Etsy page had each day, each hour, each moment. I was a stats junkie, only letting up from time-to-time for surreptitious tête-à-têtes in local Michael’s hide-a-ways and back alley craft stores. I barely recognized myself anymore. My fingers were marred with tacky glues and I was high on resin fumes.

I never believed it was going to go anywhere and  I knew there was no future in my new preoccupation. Eventually I’d lose interest and return to the comfort of my own blog. I sincerely thought that was the case. But then something incredible happened: I sold something on Etsy.

The pyramid in question

That’s when things started spinning out of control. A woman from the U.K. with a chic name like Zoe, purchased a small orgone energy pyramid I made. That was all the encouragement I needed to start mass-producing new pieces. The frenzy of photographing and postings items  in my store TwoChez was alarming to behold I am sure. It took me away from my blog. And for that, I am sorry.

I hate to sound so cliché but I really think you’d like each other. I mean, if you like what we’ve shared together, I think you might actually like what I’ve done outside of our relationship. I hate to sound trite and modern but perhaps we can have one of those open relationships you hear about. Maybe it’s not such a great idea.  Is it too soon for such talk? It’s just that during the time we spent apart I started to miss what we had. I feel bad about neglecting you and I want to take steps to fix this situation and restore what we once had, if that is possible. I’m willing to add more content, write more blogs and up-date my static pages. But it’ll help if you meet me halfway. We need to remember the things we shared.

Meeting you halfway on the straight and narrow.

Remember how we laughed about The Miracle of the Bunny Sweat Stain? Or the time I told you about the Famous Chairs in Entertainment History? You couldn’t believe it the time I told you about the huge Pain in My Asphalt I had with the city. Good times, good times… but I really think we can create some new memories together soon.

So now I’m really ready to recommit myself to this relationship. But first, I feel I must update my Facebook status about our renewed commitment and start a Twittter account so everyone stays up-to date on the issue. Then, I think we’ll be good.

Twochez- (Again, in case you were curious.)

That’s what I call a Shea-mless Plug.

2 Responses to Shameless Indiscretions

  1. Cheryl

    Your etsy links are broken.

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