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Taking a load off of my feet and enjoying the scenery.


Welcome to Planet Tracy. I hope you had a safe journey. Here at Planet Tracy I hope to share the many different things that I do with you and some of my experiences and insights. I consider myself to be an extra-dimensional creative, which means that I don’t limit myself to only one form of expression but try to challenge myself to create in many different ways. Much of what you will see here is the result of a whim or an inclination that I would try regardless of my skill set at the time. Or sometimes I just find something very funny or interesting.

This very site is the result of one of my whims. I wanted to have a place where all of my projects could live together. So far everyone seems to be getting along alright.

My training was as a classical singer, which then led me to learn acting for the opera stage. From there my interests began to expand into many different areas. With Planet Tracy I hope I can entice some of you to join me in pushing the envelope of your own creativity as well.

I hope you enjoy my creations and check in from time-to time to see how things evolve. Now strap yourself in and ENJOY YOUR TRIP!

Tracy Fletcher Shea

12 Responses to About

  1. Shannon

    YAY! Planet Tracy is almost, nearly HERE!!! I can’t wait!

    • Teresa

      Planet Tracy is my new “go to” destination! Want to live a more creative life? Ever wonder, “hey, what the heck IS that???? Does anyone else see that???” Take a look at what Tracy is up to today, you won’t be disappointed!

      • Tracy Shea

        Spread the word Teresa. We need more people like you! Thanks so much and contribute whenever you feel moved.

  2. Tracy Shea

    YAY! Me too. I’m learning as I go. Hope to have more stuff up before long. Beam in again soon.

  3. Pablo

    Lovin’ this!!!!! Bravo and Congrats!! Looking forward to more as it comes.

  4. Tracy Shea

    Thank you Pablo.You found me! I’m just getting this up and still have lots of tweaking and adjusting to do. But please check in from time to time as see what’s happening here!

  5. Jean Gillis

    I just renewed my passport so that I may travel to your planet without worry. My tiny brain needs some plumping and your range of topics is just what I need! But for now I will travel back to those mundane dirty dishes I was avoiding…

    • Tracy Shea

      You’ll be happy to know that there are no baggage fees when traveling to Planet Tracy. A crew is on hand to help with your dirty dish needs. Thanks for visiting Jean!

  6. Brian Hicks

    Enjoyed my visit to the planet. I have several letters from Daddy Frank; for some reason your blog reminded me of him. I think I’ll post one of them, written to me on my 12th birthday. Keep it up. I will return to the planet soon.

    • Tracy Shea

      Thank you Brian. I never got to meet Daddy Frank but from all of the accounts I’ve heard, I had a very interesting Great Grandfather. I probably inherited his Irish Blarney or maybe I’m channeling him from the afterlife. I can’t imagine he’d let death halt his expression. I appreciate your support. I’d love to see your letters.

  7. Michael

    Neat, Tracy. I see why you and Shannon got together (among other things) is the creative spark inside you both. Cool blog. :-)

    • Tracy Shea

      Thanks! I’m always a little in shock when someone discovers my little planet. Hopefully, it’ll be more complete in time with more frequent posts. Thanks for stopping by. Tracy

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